Real Estate Application

qwica-sold-picImagine a real estate sign that allows a buyer to see the inside of a house for sale while they're looking at it from the outside, at any time of day. It shows them the information they need to proceed, and even simplifies contacting you, all on their smartphone. qwica can set this up for one or more of your listings, without significant technology investment.

How to Get Started

Select a package with a qwica Business page for each listing that you would like to add this service to. qwica takes care of creating and managing each mobile-optimized webpage and provides you with a unique long-term q-code that you can include on signs, cards or brochures. Once a listing sells, qwica can update the information for your next listing. Select an update package for a preset number of page revisions to simplify this process.

Each Business page includes these features (among others):

q-codeA q-code that can be incorporated into real estate signs, associated cards or brochures.

text areaA title image with relevant sales information underneath. You decide what to focus on and how to portray a listing.

mem01For a nice touch with special listings, add the extra option to include professionally narrated audio. Your 1 or 2 minute message can be played from an audio player near the top of the page.

galleryAn interactive gallery of images. Users can flip through images, zoom in, or watch them as a slideshow. 

linksLinks to allow the customer to contact you directly by phone or email, to check out external sites, or to share the qwica page with friends through email or social networks.

relatedIf you use qwica for multiple listings, customers can quickly jump to your other listings on qwica, if desired.

Potential customers can scan the q-code with their smartphone or tablet, whether it's directly on a real-estate sign or next to it, to learn more about a particular listing. This displays the qwica page, which is optimized to look great on the accessing device and allows the customer to see pictures or find out details you have selected to include. Buttons on the page allow the customer to contact you by phone or email. Or you can provide links to other online information. Engage customers exactly when their interest is sparked.

Optional Real Estate Upgrades

  • Select the Business Plus package, which adds:
    • Customer-supplied audio embedded on the qwica page
    • Customer-supplied video embedded on the qwica page
    • Monthly access reports sent by email
    • More images in the gallery
  • Add professionally narrated audio:
    • An audio player on the qwica page plays an audio recording of the text narrated by a professional voice
    • 1 minute or 2 minute options are available
  • Add multiple languages:
    • In addition to English, standard options include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, and Arabic (others may be possible)
    • Professional audio narration is available in these languages

Real Estate Example

Scan the q-code below with your smartphone to see an example of a real estate page on your mobile device. Alternately, click on a button below.

More Information

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