How to Use qwica


circle1  Get Scan App

  • Your smartphone needs to have an app capable of reading 2-dimensional barcodes called QR codes
  • App stores for all phone platforms have apps capable reading QR codes, many of which are free
  • Many smartphones come with a suitable app included
  • Some good scanning app options include:
  • There are many others; any app that can scan a QR code will work


circle1  Scan q-code

  • Launch your selected scan app
  • Point the smartphone camera at the q-code
  • Most apps will recognize the q-code and launch the qwica page automatically
    • Some apps require pushing a button to read the code
    • Some apps will show you a qwica link that you need to tap to get to the qwica page
  • Moving your phone closer or further from the q-code may help to scan successfully


circle1  Enjoy

  • Interact with the content on the qwica page
  • A mobile data connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) is necessary to access any content