qwica interactive


qwica interactive is a Canadian online service provider that simplifies the creation and management of mobile-optimized web pages accessible from smartphones using scannable QR codes that we call q-codes.  Serving customers around the world, the qwica platform combines multiple technologies to extend online interaction to physical objects such as plaques, signs, or site furnishings through mobile devices.

qwica interactive allows customers to quickly make mobile-capable information accessible where it is needed, without complex web development or redesigns of existing websites.  By emphasizing quality, focusing on usability and addressing problems often overlooked with QR code implementations, qwica interactive optimizes the experience for users, streamlines the process for customers, and ensures ongoing compatibility as devices and technologies evolve.

The qwica System

The qwica system consists of two linked components:
  • A scannable q-code that can be easily printed or added to various items such as signs, plaques, tags, business cards, or advertisements
  • A mobile-optimized interactive web page that can include relevant information, audio, images, links, a map, and video

qwica interactive manages the creation of both these components, so customers can easily and efficiently connect with users, engage them and inform them.