imagine a business...

...that connects with clients in a whole new way using widely available mobile technology. A corporate profile, complete with photos and contact information, is available on demand from corporate signage, business cards, or advertisements.

Corporate Profile Application Detailsqwica Corporate Profile Example


scan-closeimagine an advertisement, product label or brochure...

...that leads customers to interactive information where they are and engages them with innovative technology. Not just a webpage, but content designed for their mobile device that allows the conversation to continue when interest is sparked.

Product Info Application Detailsqwica Product Info Example



imagine a real estate sign...

...that allows a buyer to see the inside of a house for sale while they're looking at it from the outside, at any time of day. It shows them the information they need to proceed, and even simplifies contacting you, all on their smartphone.

Real Estate Application Detailsqwica Real Estate Example